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Remote business help for startups and established businesses

Need help with your business, but don’t have the budget for another senior member on your team? We provide an affordable remote business advisor service for startups and established businesses.

20+ years’ experience in founding and running online businesses

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What can we help with?

Whether you want to launch a business or grow an existing one; launch a new product; solve a problem; change direction; follow the money; get involved in the next big thing; fine tune your growth strategy; outpace your competitors; reduce overheads; increase turnover/profit; clarify your business offering so people actually know what you do (what a concept!); raise investment; bootstrap; or sell your business… whatever stage you’re at, whatever your challenge, contact us for an informal chat today.

Who do we work with?

Freelancers and sole-traders

Working by yourself can be lonely at times. If there’s a problem or a challenge to overcome there is often no one to talk to and the buck stops with you. You’ve gained your expertise working for other people and decided to go it alone, but perhaps it’s not quite as straightforward as you hoped? Are there areas of your business that are causing problems? If so, a business advisor could help. You probably just need a little advice and some solid ideas you can utilise. Don’t have sleepless nights – try contacting us instead.


The latest statistics are shocking – apparently over 90% of startups fail. Whilst that may not sound terribly encouraging, you need to acknowledge it and then do everything you can to ensure you’re not one of the casualties. It’s important for a startup to start on the right footing. You’ll no doubt hit a few brick walls during the startup phase whether you plan to bootstrap or raise investment. Getting help and advice could save you from costly mistakes and really set you on the right track with your business. Whether you want someone to bounce ideas off, or you need concrete advice, contact us and let’s talk.

Established businesses

Working with an experienced business advisor could set you apart from your competitors. Depending on your objectives it could help you raise investment, or help you bootstrap all the way to success. Different challenges present themselves once a business is past the startup phase. Often we speak to people who are struggling to decide how to take their business to the next stage. Making the wrong move can be a real worry. Over-expansion can kill a business. Changing direction is tough. That’s where our experience can really help.




Remote business advisor

We offer a fresh, modern approach to business advice at a fraction of the cost and commitment associated with employing a senior team member or an old fashioned ‘suited’ consultant:

  • Work carried out remotely
  • One-off session, or ongoing
  • No long term commitments – pay-as-you-go
  • Straight-talking, jargon free and no nonsense approach

Interested? Contact us to find out more and check availability.

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