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Business advice, without the pinstripes

Realityspark – business help for non-tech businesses

Realityspark provides businesses outside the tech sector with the help and advice they need to run successful ‘non-tech’ businesses in today’s tech world

Why Realityspark?

Specialising in helping 'non-tech' businesses succeed in today's tech world

Realityspark specialises in providing businesses outside the tech space with the help and advice they need to run successful ‘non-tech’ businesses in today’s tech world. 

Championing independent brands, artisan producers and creative businesses

Over the last decade there’s been a boom in consumer demand for independent brands – artisanal/craft producers, across all sectors. Whilst all these brands produce amazing and innovative products, they may sometimes lack the tech expertise and knowledge (or simply don’t have the time) to make the right decisions when it comes to building an online brand and selling their products successfully through their website. That’s where Realityspark comes in.

Part-time, flexible business help

Whether you want help with a one-off challenge, or are looking for ongoing support, Realityspark can be flexible to suit your needs, with no long term commitment. You can work with Realityspark in person or remotely using Zoom, email, phone or whatever collaboration tool you prefer.

Highly experienced

Many Non-exec Directors, business advisors and mentors come from a corporate background and have never actually founded and run their own businesses. Realityspark is different. Terry Jackson, has 25 years’ experience of founding, scaling and running successful businesses.

Happy clients

Time is taken to understand your challenge(s), get to know what really matters to you and what’s important to your business. Understanding what makes you tick is key to being able to help. The aim is simple – to help solve whatever challenge you’re facing in the easiest and most cost effective way.

Expert in website sales

If your website isn’t receiving enough traffic, or the traffic you are receiving has a poor conversion rate (meaning your sales are low), you need to find out why, and fast. Realityspark has the expertise and experience to find the problem and help you fix it.

Bespoke pricing

You won’t find any Bronze, Silver, Gold packages here – they just don’t work for business advisor services. Virtually all businesses are unique, business owners are unique, business challenges vary and every business has different goals, plans and aspirations. Therefore, rather than shoehorn you into a pre-packaged service, it’s more useful for you to simply reach out for an informal chat. You’ll then be offered a bespoke, cost effective solution that is right for you and your business.

Straight-talking and jargon free

Straight-talking and won’t bamboozle you with jargon – understanding the buzzwords, so you don’t have to.

Confidential, if required

Many clients don’t want it banded around the internet that they came to Realityspark with a problem. So shhh, let’s keep it between ourselves, shall we?


Experienced in teaming up with other businesses who are leaders in their field, and who can offer expertise to complement our own.

Is your business struggling to make the next move?

Tap into 25 years’ experience in founding, scaling and running successful online businesses


Specialising in helping non-tech startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers with the online side of their business

There’s a lot of plates to spin when creating, building and running a business, particularly if your business sits outside the tech space and your website is the main source of sales. Having another board member with relevant online experience is out of the question for many freelancers, startups and small businesses. The result can be a poor online presence and a disappointing lack of sales. Thankfully there is a solution.

Realityspark provides a fresh, modern approach to business advice at a fraction of the cost and commitment associated with employing a senior team member or an old fashioned ‘suited’ consultant. You can hire Realityspark’s founder, Terry Jackson, to help with all things online – whether that’s for a one-off challenge, or on an ongoing basis. Help can be provided remotely or in person.

You’ll be given straightforward advice, techniques and strategies that you can action right away and in some circumstances help can be given to implement the changes.

Areas Realityspark can help with include:

  • increasing website sales/subscriptions/sign-ups
  • troubleshooting an under-performing website
  • website appraisal and audit
  • clarifying and improving website branding, positioning, look and feel, and tone of voice
  • improving your website’s user experience and customer journey
  • helping identify your USPs
  • reducing website overheads and associated costs
  • presenting your products and services in the most engaging way, including product branding, images, descriptions and pricing
  • making sense of and utilising your website data and statistics – looking at customer drop off points, abandoned shopping baskets, etc
  • improving website design
  • ecommerce solutions and payments
  • website customer support processes
  • writing – website copy, blog posts, small print, FAQs/tutorials and more
  • online marketing strategy and developing a game plan
  • online marketing – SEO, influencer marketing, social media marketing, online advertising and affiliate marketing
  • sales strategy and negotiating (including strategies for introverts, shy people and those who feel they are “simply not cut out for sales”)
  • helping and mentoring entrepreneurs and inventors who are just starting out
  • working with established businesses, who are not currently utilising the internet, to incorporate online marketing and sales into their growth strategy

Whatever stage you’re at, whatever your challenge, get in touch for an informal chat today.

You’ll be amazed at the big impact small changes can have on your business

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