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Helping startups and small businesses succeed and thrive

Flexible, part-time business help for ambitious founders and entrepreneurs.


Founding, scaling and running a business can be tough. You may need some help, however, hiring another senior team member with relevant experience is out of the question for many business owners. If there’s a decision to be made or a challenge to overcome there’s often no one to talk to and the buck stops with you, this is where I can help.

I have 25+ years’ experience of founding, scaling and running online businesses and can offer an affordable supporting role for founders and entrepreneurs. Help can be provided on a flexible part-time basis, remotely or in person.

I can help you navigate challenges and opportunities, and provide valuable insight, guidance and support in various areas such as decision-making; business growth and scaling; branding, market positioning and marketing; operations; and sales and business development. Additionally, I can use my knowledge and experience to provide insights and recommendations and assist you in shaping your company’s long-term vision, identifying growth opportunities and establishing valuable connections within the industry.

Acting as your right-hand I can be a problem-solver across your business and help with your overall business strategy ensuring that your vision and goals are implemented. Working with someone who has actually founded, scaled and run businesses could help you meet your growth targets and set you apart from your competitors.

Championing independent brands, artisans, creatives

Championing independent brands, artisans and creatives

There’s a huge consumer demand for independent brands, artisans and creatives who produce exciting, innovative products. I love helping these exciting businesses succeed.

Solving your business challenges

High tech … or non-tech

From tech founders utilising AI and blockchain, through to artisan producers selling their hand-crafted products online, I can help business owners make informed decisions, navigate complex issues and achieve their long-term goals.

Highly experienced

I have 25+ years’ experience of founding, scaling and running businesses. I’ve probably been through whatever it is you and your business are going through now. If you need some help, hire someone who has actually been a founder and has real experience of what it takes to succeed.

Highly experienced

Part-time, flexible business help

Whether you want help with a one-off challenge, or are looking for ongoing support, I can be flexible to suit your needs, with no long term commitment. Help can be given in person or remotely using whatever collaboration tool you prefer.

Part-time, flexible business help