Remote business advice, mentoring and website appraisals for businesses whose main source of sales is their website.

Is your website generating the sales you expect? Is your website ranking well in Google and bringing in enough potential customers? Are you receiving website visits, but they’re not converting to sales? Do you know what elements of your website are working well and bringing in visitors/sales so you can focus on what is working? It’s time to identify any business problems with your website and fix them, fast.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is thinking their website ought to somehow magically generate sales

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Who do I work with?

Any business whose website plays a key role in that business – the size of your business does not matter. From business beginner to seasoned entrepreneur; from artisan maker to tech startup; from freelancer to large global brand – I can help get your website delivering.

There are still a huge amount of businesses who have a really bad website. Many websites are confusing with products and services all over the place, badly displayed products, lack of clarity as to what they actually do, poorly-written jargon-filled copy, bad design, appalling user experience, errors and dead pages, etc etc. It’s not all startups either – there are many huge brands who just can’t seem to get it right. Yet it’s one of the biggest business killers at the moment. If you don’t get your website right, your business is really going to struggle.

What do your potential customers really care about?

Well, it’s not about having a fancy design, funky graphics and lots of bells and whistles. What really matters is how your website works from a customers point of view… the ‘user experience’ in other words – the look and feel of your site; how easy to use and intuitive your site is; how quickly customers can get the information they want and get to the product(s)/service(s) they want to buy; how your site helps customers choose; how content is presented; whether you make customers feel your site is trustworthy and secure; whether you come across as an authority; how consistently clear and ordered everything is; how competitive your pricing is; how ‘up with the times’ your business offering is; how you’re positioned in relation to your competitors; etc.


I am an entrepreneur and business advisor, who has been founding and running online businesses for over 20 years. I have considerable experience of starting, growing and running businesses, particularly across a broad range of internet sectors including ecommerce, web design, affiliate marketing and online advertising. I now work on the other side of the fence helping entrepreneurs, startups and existing businesses succeed.


Website appraisals

If your website plays a key role in generating sales for your business, and it’s not performing, you need to identify the problems and fix them, fast. I can perform a remote website appraisal, identify any weaknesses and recommend solutions. I then provide you with a report of my findings and most importantly, my recommendations on how to fix any problems.

Remote business advisor / mentor / consultant

I offer a fresh, modern approach to business advice at a fraction of the cost and committment associated with employing a senior team member or an old fashioned ‘suited’ consultant. 

  • Work carried out remotely using Zoom, Skype, email and the phone.
  • One-off session, or ongoing.
  • Pay as you go, starting at £35/hr.
  • Straight-talking, jargon free and no nonsense approach.
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